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Overview of the Photo Gallery module 

This module is the Photo Gallery module where you can create albums and add photos to them and they can be displayed anywhere in front of your website. 

A photo gallery designed for the web can be used as an online catalog for an e-commerce site.

Implementing a photo gallery can increase web traffic to your store because your audience would like to see your products displayed in pictures.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so setting up a photo gallery on your website is an added bonus for your e-commerce business.

The gallery can represent your store's products for a variety of items on the store and, more importantly, creating a photo category that will add a specific preview of the products a folder will contain.

The photo gallery acts as a good reference to your products to display an item in a more fashionable way.

Our developers designed this product to make your store more favorable by visiting customers in your store and increasing your audience time on your store.

Benefits of Photo Gallery Module


Photo gallery module is designed to make your website and store more attractive and beautiful.

It has been designed with a combination of several very easy to use settings to make your gallery more attractive in terms of color, size and design of your gallery.

So, based on the different colors selected, you can apply them to your theme and this allows the website admin to change various aspects of their theme.

There are several other options for photo gallery module, let’s take a brief look at some of them

1. Dashboard


The photo gallery module consists of a dashboard for the admin to see how many total galleries exist in the store.

You can also view a list of galleries on the dashboard which displays gallery ID, gallery name, total gallery album and status.

You can also easily edit or change the gallery and album name whenever needed.


2. Image Gallery


The gallery is used to define albums. You can create as many albums as you want in this form.

3. Pictures

The photo section of the photo gallery is used to upload all photos to their particular albums.

You can give a particular name, add a description to the photo and select the photo title and image to embed images in the photo album.

Photo Gallery Features


·1. Copy all files according to file path

·2. Do not overwrite any master file.

·3. VQMOD should install.

·4. Then place the XML file in the XML folder

·5. Then GO to an admin panel and go to System->Users->Users group, click edit from Top Administrator, click select all links from Access Permission: and Edit Permission: as well. After that, click on the Save button.

·6. Now for more details follow the documentation file.

·7. Easy setup

·8. Free support

·9. You can create your own gallery and display it anywhere in front

10. You can set the height and width of images

11. So this module quickly provide you and search service

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