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Integrated delivery service

                                                      Delivery Boy Management Module

Delivery services

  For all eCommerce store owners, having a successful delivery rate is what matters most to business. Because online stores have a different full sales life cycle.

Customers prefer a fast delivery service from an online store. Therefore, if you are unable to provide better delivery services, your order will remain incomplete and this may result in a refund.

Successful delivery often means that an order is completed as soon as possible by delivering the goods to end customers. However, delivery is often overlooked as one of the most important factors for online e-commerce stores.

This is where the management of the delivery module comes in, which guarantees a transparent delivery management process. Delivery Boy module is an easy delivery management and order tracking for eCommerce store. And the module makes delivery/order management seamless for the store admin and faster deliveries for the front-end buyers.

What is Delivery Boy Management Module for Admins and Store Owners?

Admin has lots of options to efficiently manage delivery orders through admin panel such as.

✓ Create, modify and delete a delivery agent

✓ Configure ride schedule for delivery agents

✓ Assign orders to delivery people by selecting single to multiple orders.

✓ Assign a separate panel to deliverers where they can see their delivery schedule.

✓ Set up an email that will notify delivery people of orders and delivery information.

✓ Configuration and automatic calculation of commission ratios based on fixed and percentage values.

✓ A Google key option that integrates Google maps via API to find customer location on the orders themselves.

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