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Multi-vendor market

                                                       Multi-vendor marketplace

⦁ Presentation

Market place for online & in-store sales Multi-vendor / Multi-Buyer

Overview of Multi Vendor Marketplace

Thanks to an OMNICHANNEL approach (whatever the channel) is a multi-vendor marketplace solution designed to help traders and producers to sell and or buy on all channels such as:

⦁ Online sales

⦁ Selling on mobile

⦁ Selling on social networks

⦁ Sale in warehouse or factory

⦁ In-store sales

⦁ In-store sales without a cashier

⦁ Self-service or vending machine sales

  As a result, this module allows store owners to expand their online business. So, if you are a lone entrepreneur in the e-commerce industry, this module will help you to join another vendor to sell your products on your site.

Advantages for the seller & the buyer

Here's how our Marketplace can help you

1. It allows store owners to control every third-party merchant-linked product, where third-party merchants sell their products.

2. In our e-commerce platform, the customer acquires items from various merchants.

3. The store admin earns revenue and receives commission from the merchant.

When a customer purchases a product, our system integrates with a messaging system to send an email to the merchant. This module also has an email and notification option, allowing the admin to tailor the email messages to our specific needs.

Our marketplace is designed specifically for traders and producers.

Each seller in this marketplace has their own dashboard, from which they can control all aspects such as downloads, manufacturers, items, reviews, recurring and other choices. From here, a seller can update their profile information.

The store admin can allocate multiple levels of commission (fixed and percentage) to each merchant and other categories, as well as accept payments through PayPal and other methods.

It is also a fully customized module with simple features for maximum scalability and user experience. is one of the best e-commerce systems for online retailers today due to its many features and capabilities.

In all simplicity each seller can manage his administrator panel

The seller panel, which is part of the huge online marketplace where each seller can register their own account, is connected to the multi-shop extension of

The merchant can create an account and start uploading items to start selling things from their current online store right away. The admin, on the other hand, has complete authority over whether a seller and their items are approved or not. Additionally, each provider has their own profile and dashboard.

Controlled Seller Activity Super Admin Dashboard is designed with an admin panel that gives us more control over your sellers data.

To manage all seller accounts, the panel is fantastic. Hence, the admin has the power to accept or reject the account of any seller. Once the admin approves the categories and products, they can go live.

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