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Return Merchandise Policy (RMA)

                    Transparent return policy

Introducing Multivendor Return Material Authorization (RMA Module)

The RMA module is important and essential for any e-commerce business.

The return policy should be very clear and strong in any e-commerce solution.

  That's why we created the RMA module to make your returns process work seamlessly.

The Supplier RMA add-on allows sellers/suppliers to offer customers a personalized return and warranty process for their sold products.

With this module, your customers can get a hassle-free refund or replacement and sellers/suppliers can manage RMA requests made by customers from their dashboard.

The module provides a better customer experience, which encourages users to come back and use the online store again. It provides users with a simple platform to easily complete their purchase returns on the online store.

What does this module do for you?

The RMA vendor builds a good customer and user experience service from the multi-vendor store.

The RMA provider gives the dissatisfied customer another chance to replace or refund their products.

Key Features of RMA

1. Customize module settings

As per the requirement, admin can select the order status which will be applicable for the refund.

Admin can set a maximum return time period.

Customize options for return reasons.

Multiple email templates can be designed as needed (admin, salesperson and customer).

2. Increase in sales

We know it takes a lot of effort to drive customers and traffic to your online store.

When you apply the vendor RMA add-on to your store, you make buyers trust your store.

Therefore, the RMA module will increase your sales conversion, and if you have proper RMA configuration and implementation, your customer will have a good shopping experience in your store, and they will visit your store again.

3. Administration features:

Admin control to generate, modify and update RMA

Customer/buyer/buyer and admin can communicate.

Return order history in multiple filters and pagination options.

Admin can set order status and return status and can notify the customer.

. Customer features:

Customers can get refund or replacement on RMA system.

Customers can communicate with seller and admin

The customer receives an email about the Conversion update.


The Multi-Vendor RMA add-on is powered by clear documentation to make your installation even easier.

The documentation explains all the simple steps required for installation.

Main features of the Ayopa RMA module

Adding RMA functionality to your supplier module will improve customer satisfaction.

Easy to use module.

Simple and fast operation of the module.

This module will create more transparency between customers and supplier

Easy installation - just upload files and you're done.

The seller can update the return status, order status and can notify the customer when responding to the customer about their return request.

Send email to admin, customer and seller while generating RMA request.

Who has a good chat system with this admin, seller and customers. They can communicate with each other.

⦁ Email customer, admin and seller when updating RMA status.

⦁ Fast and stylish charging.

⦁ Free and fast support.

⦁ No modification of the base file.

⦁ Supports all versions.

⦁ It supports multiple languages.

⦁ Supports multiple stores.

We provide free support and the best support.

For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us :

⦁ All our customers are satisfied with us because we provide the best free support. For any questions and suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us

⦁ . You have pre-sale or support questions. Please contact us. We'll help you make it work.

Email: Tel 00237 692520842

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