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Help and support

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All actors of the platform benefit from a complete support service Overview of the Ticket System Pro module Our Ticket System Pro allows us to provide comprehensive customer service and excellent support assistance. It allows each actor to submit requests for assistance in the most appropriate way.

This extension allows customer support to receive, process and respond to service requests without any hassle and it tracks pre-sales and post-sales support requests.We can therefore create several departments to manage requests efficiently.Our email management system makes this module more efficient.It is connected to notification emails that update customers and admin.Also, admin can design email template from admin setting.This module is important for all eCommerce store owners and admins, with the help of this extension, customers can generate tickets for the store and the store owner can easily manage these tickets.This ticket system pro module has all the capabilities a professional ticket system needs.

Ticket Alerts

You notified with each newly generated ticket. Email notifications arrive when a ticket is updated or generated. The admin can design the email template he prefers.This ticket system pro also has shortcuts for customer information and the link you want to display in the email.

Custom Features

This module is fully customizable. Admin can make several changes from admin panel like. Change font colors, title background, button. Background color, button text color and many more options available.

- Customize the size of images

Size of images can change from admin panel like.

Category image, category detail page image, video detail view image.

- Custom CSS

If you are using a custom theme in your store based on the theme, you can set the CSS code from the admin panel. Because sometimes we want to change small changes and we make these changes in our core file But with this extension no need to change any core file, you can add css code in admin panel.

- Edit text

Changed the module text to the front of your store. Because the content editing options are available in the admin panel.

- Knowledge base module

In this module, we have added an advanced feature which is knowledge. This knowledge option is category base with this you can separate it from category.

main Features

- Agent features.

- Rich in features present in this module.

- Fully customize the module.

- Guest Tickets: no need to be a registered guest to open new tickets!

- Email notifications when a ticket is updated.

- Separate assignment: each ticket can be assigned to a different use to avoid confusion.

- From the left block, users can see their latest tickets.

- Search bar to search for tickets if you have several.

- Attachments.

- Both customer and admin can send and receive images with tickets.

- Filter options are available with this, you can find tickets easily.

- Easily manage the ticket system using the creation of a difficult department.

- Manage tickets from the admin panel.

- Create support services and assign administrator users to them.

- The last article describes the features of the module, which increase your store sales.

- Closed ticket can be deleted from admin which helps you manage your store.

- Multilingual support.

- Multi-store support.

- No overwriting of the main file.

- Easy to install and manage.

- Ocmod / Vqmod both available.

After activating the module, we don't want you to face any problem because customer satisfaction is our first priority so we generate documentation with steps these steps eliminate the problem from installation.


We are available to our partner sellers for better customization

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