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Our gift vouchers

Presentation of the product gift module based on the total module of the cart

This module allows the admin to create unlimited number of gifts for the customer.

These freebies cost nothing but only appear to customers when their cart total reaches a specific threshold.

The customer has the option to select a gift from several gift options listed on the shopping cart page.

These gifts are free and the products added complete the checkout process.

The setting allows the admin to decide whether to show or hide the giveaways on the cart page and checkout page, background color, size of the giveaway product image, success of the text color, error message, etc.

  Also, admin can create giveaway products and assign giveaway name.

It has the ability to ensure that gifts only show up when the total range of the cart is in between.

  There is a setting for selecting stores and customer groups. This increases customer retention and new customers will come for the freebies.

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