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Management of the prescription or medical prescription

Sale of pharmaceutical products with prescription management

The attachment with order is an essential module for companies that sell items related to the pharmaceutical industry where it is not legal to dispense a product without a prescription.

This module should ensure that the prescription is uploaded by a user and it will be reflected on the order details page of admin and customer order list.

Because you can prevent the processing of a particular product or category without a prescription when placing an order by a customer. So, if you are a store owner that sells health products, this module will probably play a huge role in selling your products to your online customers.

The principle

Customers can upload prescription/file for order

This module allows your customer to download the prescription in different file formats before order payment. This is very useful when a website sells drugs or products that require written permission before purchase.

The download file with command extension only asks customers to download the prescription/admin marked file. Additionally, customers will not be able to proceed to checkout without uploading the prescription or written authorization to purchase the product.

After placing the order, the customer can find the uploaded prescription in the account section. The admin will have the prescription attached to the order. From there, the admin can upload and send the exact product to the customer.

✔ Upload only prescription or written permission for admin marked product

✔ The customer will not complete the order without it.

✔ The command will save the attached prescription for the admin.

✔ On Prescription page, customers can find and download all prescriptions

The principle

Customers can download a


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