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About Us

WHO ARE WE is a multi-seller & multi-buyer marketplace dedicated to e-commerce players. is a brand of Saamaya Finance, a FINTECH based in Douala specializing in:
Provision of means and payment system
Automation of value chains
e-commerce believes in the economic activity of the future because it will:
Without paper
And if possible self-service
Address: Grace building with yellow facade in Besseke by old road after courthouse and before Ola station
BP: 15025 DOUALA Tel: 696 13 23 58/692 52 08 42 E-mail: NUI: M042116070749H RC: RC/DLBB/2021/B/552

Role does not sell merchandise or services, it is a market open to sellers and buyers.
We are a certified trusted third party that ensures that the products sold on its platform are of quality and that the customer who buys there from each seller will be satisfied. is Accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week thanks to the acquisition and adoption of digital channels
To become a seller: Account Login (
Delivery service offers sellers a delivery service because distance selling makes delivery a real value of satisfaction
For all eCommerce store owners, having a successful delivery rate is what matters most to business. Because online stores have a different full sales lifecycle.
Customers prefer a fast delivery service from an online store. Therefore, if you are unable to provide better delivery services, your order will remain incomplete and this may result in a refund. So a dispute
Successful delivery often means that an order is completed as soon as possible by delivering the goods to end customers. However, delivery is often overlooked as one of the most important factors for online e-commerce stores.

An omnichannel approach was built following an approach that is both agile and omnichannel (CAD regardless of the channel) therefore our sellers can sell on all market channels:
1. Sale from the factory
2. Sale from the warehouse (unlimited number of warehouses with synchronization of stocks)
3. Sale from the shop or restaurant … and if possible in self-service
4. Selling online
5. Selling on mobile
6. Selling on social networks
7. Self-service vending (Kiosk & vending machine)
Accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Available in several formats to adapt to your product range
Unclogs the pharmacy and stores during peak hours
Ideal solution to capture new customers
Patented materials against vandalism
Easy to use
Payment and secure equipment
Improved customer experience
Increase in turnover
Optimization of the management of our member sellers
360° Dashboards
AN e-commerce site in line with your activity respects your brand, your colors, your logo in general your values according to our themed approach because we are convinced that all our sellers are different.
And it is right that we offer each of our sellers a mini website (m&e commerce) which resembles them and which offers them a set of functionalities in line with their activity.
Example :
Theme medicine, laboratory and pharmacy with support for prescriptions and/or medical prescriptions, support for appointments
Theme seller of glasses and lenses with medical prescription support
Food sale and delivery theme
Theme sale and delivery of equipment
Fashion sale and delivery themes
Other themes
Advantages of creating an online store on
Having your e-commerce site is a real misconception because your problems start the day the webmaster delivers the project to you!
You have to face the unexpected which unfortunately has a blow
Content management
Assembly of product sheets
Integration SMS, Mails, Payment system
digital marketing (SMO)
Referencing (SEO)
Customer Support
And more supports you as soon as you register on La Place du marché gives you the opportunity to belong to a big family that brings you together and looks like you (multi sellers) allows our sellers a real sharing of experience and above all good practices.
You can as a certified seller of the market place require functionalities specific to the theme of your activity
Offline sale
In order to allow our sellers to sell offline (offline) from their physical locations offers sellers the integration of our Ebutu POS terminal system
The POS terminal system offers sellers:
Purchasing management and synchronization
Stock management
Inventory management
Management of unsold goods and returned goods
Billing management
Payment management

All-in-one payment app offers sellers various means and methods of payment such as:
Payment by cards
Payment by mobile money
Payment by wallet (m2u, saamaya wallet, saamaya Biz, saamayaPay, GimacPay…)
Cash payment
Simple and transparent business model
To become a seller on
You must register for free
You must pay the installation costs (negotiable depending on your theme)
You must agree to pay the marketplace a monthly fee and/or a commission per transaction (negotiable depending on the volume of expected turnover and the nature of your activity)
To become a seller Login to account (
Sales devices accompanies sellers with Terminals and kiosks of all types and all trade themes (retail, restaurant, hospitals, pharmacy, etc.)