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Rules for selling and restrictions

                                               Your guide to our Multi-seller Marketplace

Selling rules and restrictions

Our sellers have the obligation to sell on only products and services authorized by the legislation of the country in which they live

This is an imperative following the principle of "No one is supposed to ignore the law".

These products or services offered for sale must be real, legally acquired (not stolen) and available in the country of residence of the seller (country in which the company or the seller is registered.

Each seller registered on is sovereign and answers alone before the law in the event of the sale of a product prohibited by the legislation of his country of residence.

                                                                                                                        SELLER GUIDE

About the seller

To find a seller

Use the search button

Use the button at the top of the list of sellers

Just click on the List of sellers button at the top

Then click on the button of the desired theme (Medical, jewellery, parts, etc.)

The list of shops is displayed and you can click on the shop you are looking for

Once in the shop you can select the category you are looking for

Once in the category on the product list

Once in the list of products you can select the desired item

All you have to do is go to the checkout

Ayopa Marketplace offers each seller specific tools to differentiate them from another seller:

Each seller has a complete online sales website

Each seller can have an online sales site built on his theme of activity

Each seller is entitled to a subdomain of the type

Each seller can, if they wish, request a professional email address such as offers each seller advertising and/or campaign space for the promotion of these products

Who can sell on Ayopa as an open multi-seller marketplace?

Third-party sellers on our Marketplace

Marletplace offers a sales space for the following players:

Independent, occasional, professional sellers

Buyers or consumers, occasional, professional

Affiliates and/or business introducers

Occasional, professional deliverers

Sellers offer buyers a selection of new, used, refurbished and collectible products.

As third-party sellers allows them to list and display their products intended for public sale on our marketplace.

Due to regulations, Ayopa requires third party sellers to provide certain information before they can be permitted to sell on the Site.

  Seller privileges may be revoked for the following reasons:

Low performance (high defective order rate, high order cancellation rate, or high late shipment rate).

Violations of our sales policies.

Violation of Prohibited Content Policy.

As an Ayopa host, facilitates transactions carried out on the market place (or Marketplace) of

Ayopa is therefore neither the buyer nor the seller of the products of third-party sellers.

Ayopa provides a meeting place where buyers and sellers complete and finalize their transactions.

Accordingly, for the sale of such third party seller products, a sales contract is formed solely between the buyer and the third party seller.

Ayopa is not a party to such a contract and assumes no liability arising from such a contract or arising from this sales contract.

Ayopa is neither the agent nor the representative of third party sellers.

The third-party seller is responsible for product sales and claims or any other issues arising out of or relating to the contract of sale between it and the buyer.

Ayopa allows to contact the seller on several channels

Any dispute relating to the purchase of a product from a third-party seller must be resolved directly between the buyer and this third-party seller.

The third-party seller has the obligation to describe on its site the general conditions of return of goods and delivery

Contact: talkus@ayopa;net Tel 00237 692520842

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