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Multiple warehouse management

                                                                Multiple warehouse management

                                                            Management of online points of sale in warehouses

This module simply allows you to transfer stock from one warehouse to another.

It comes with a simple solution, which makes it easier for your store to manage product/option inventory across different warehouses and helps you easily keep control of multiple inventory locations.

Managing your 'multiple warehouse' inventory allows store managers to efficiently manage inventory across different warehouse outlet extensions.

The installation provides several warehouse POS management modules for product and option stocks. This module tracks warehouse sales reports, quick warehouse stock allocations, order stock reduction, etc.

It helps to track multiple stock items in stores, warehouse POS extension system dashboard system also displays Bank transfer,Paypal amount,cards,transfer…and PayTm amount with the amount.

Warehouse inventory and order management module

It is one of the main sections of any warehouse POS terminal management system module

It will enable the warehouse admin to efficiently manage the order by the assigned store users. Warehouse admin can easily assign as many products to different stores with stocks. Orders placed by customers in the warehouse store will display here.

There is also a separate page where the admin can update the quantity of products already assigned to the store. Also, the admin can check all the store product stocks present at the moment.

Another feature is to create users and assign a store. It makes user a store owner, user can login to this user and check product, stock, order about this store. The store has all the listed products that were requested by the customer.

What you can do with this module

Users can access the list of orders placed by customers in the warehouse. The stores created by the admin for the warehouse are assigned to the warehouse. The order list is present and the store owner users can view the individual order information. A filter is present in the date range. They can use the start and end date filter when the order is placed.

The Stock In option allows the store owner to manage product stocks. And filter products based on UPC product. Product display with name, UPC, UPC option and quantity, plus a delete button. Their stock of products can be increased and decreased or removed the product from the store.

There is a product request page, where the store owner can see the list of products requested by the customers. Store owner may have requested product name, customer message, request status, request date.

The dashboard contains the menu links of the pages which are present for easy accessibility for the store owner.

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