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Appointment request or pro forma

                                                            Our booking system

This module allows you to create a dynamic system for booking an appointment and booking your products.

It is a multi-purpose appointment scheduling system module. This will turn your store into a dynamic and well-planned system.

It will help store owners to create different booking types with different time slots, which impact store sales.

The booking module will allow you to create your own appointment fields to get all the information you need to collect for each appointment.

This useful module is simple to use and easy to manage booking system calendar for every service provider who truly cares about their customers.

Parameter available in the booking module

This extension is a complete booking and booking system module that comes with a form builder.

In the form builder, the admin can create multiple forms to get the user details for the appointment. A form will be selected for the reservation.

The module has many built-in features that help the admin to create a booking/appointment form for the product.

It has option to select date range for appointment, exclude date and days, time ranges, no. of persons, adults and children, selection form, etc.

Here's a full list of purchased command extension features.

✔ Reservation date range.

✔ Exclude dates and days.

✔ Add time slots.

✔ A number of people / Children.

✔ Title text.

✔ Create forms.

✔ Select the form.

✔ Connect with products, categories and manufacturers.

Request for quote or proforma

Using this module, customers can make quotations on the products and send them to the website.

The admin can approve or reject the quote and even add new products. An email will be sent to the customer on the updated status of the quote.

Customers can add multiple products in a single quote request. Enter the unit price of the product. It has its own quote cart page.

All requested product quote listings will be displayed in the customer account. Admin can reduce the price to give discount on the product and approve the quote. Or increase the cost of the product quote.

Admin can create 4 email templates for different events. Shortcodes are given to write the email template according to the job.

Activate the quote request on the product page

The quote request feature allows admins to enable it on a product page. This can be achieved by selecting the estimated price range for the specific product, choosing the background and text shade for the quote button and enabling the quote option for any product. Once enabled, a "Get Request" option will now be displayed instead of the "Add to Cart" button.

A price range will be displayed on the product page and customers can request a quote by clicking the "GET Request button".

The quote module will add the product to the quote cart instead of the regular website cart page. product quote module has its own quote cart page

The quote manager comes with its own quote page. Here, customers can add the unit price of the products. Also write the message for the rest of the process. The quote extension includes a range of features designed to streamline the quote request process for customers and facilitate request management for administrators.

The quote page has a modern design and follows the color theme of the website. A quote will be submitted to the website by clicking the submit button.

Please note that this quote page can only appear for products that have the quote option enabled. This page features a completely fresh and modern design that can align with the specific theme color on the website.

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