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Secure Shopping

We are a trusted third-party player for e-commerce professionals who are partners of our marketplace

We connect:

.Sellers from diverse backgrounds

.Buyers from diverse backgrounds


 Delivery people

.Providers of means and methods of payment

Our Due Diligence and KYC compliance policy makes it possible to verify, among other things, all the information provided by the seller when registering, in particular:

.His actual existence

.The data provided

 Licenses

 Tax information

 Addresses and contact

And in some cases a direct call is decisive to activate his seller account and thus provide him with authorizations on

This approach allows us to give a buyer all the reasons in the world to buy online.

.The bargains are here with great merchandise selections from our vendors

.Products are better displayed and presented online than in a seller's physical store

.The selection is breathtaking.

.Purchases are secure.

.Shipping is fast.

.Even returns are easy, with the right e-merchants.

.Shopping has never been easier or more convenient for consumers on

  And in the era of COVID or sedentarization thanks to the internet and mobile, it's safer than going out even if you are fully masked and gloved.

                                            But what about the bad guys? It happens.

Our teams manage all complaints from players on the platform

Whether they are:

· Counterfeit products

·Undelivered products

·Unpaid products

·Non-compliant products

·Prohibited products

· Poorly purchased products

·Poor customer ratings

·Complaints from actors

·Bad comments

What enforcement actions are we taking?

·We cross-check information

·We process information

·We enter the actor (seller, buyer, affiliate, the supplier of the means of payment)

·We file the order for compensation

·We disable the client

·We take our advice for legal action

·We organize a real information campaign on the defaulter or the criminal on all networks and online search engines

In some cases we repair the damage at cost price

                                     You must Remain calm and therefore do not panic!

. Although somewhat alarming, these statistics shouldn't stop you from shopping online.

Just use common sense and follow practical advice.

Here are the basic guidelines; use them and you can shop with confidence.

At online transactions are safer than in a physical store thanks to the traceability of registered actors

The most important thing is to contact us through the usual channels!

Need additional information?

Contact: Tel 00237692520842

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