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Unlimited Blocks is a market place that puts partner sellers at the heart of its system

Our sellers must not miss a sale or miss a feature to sell more and or sell better

All our sellers have the Unlimited Blocks module on their site

Any content, any page

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.Unlimited products in the shopping experience

.NEW Display products in a slider!


.Unlimited products in the shopping experience

·4/5 or 6 products side by side instead of 3!

.Select how many on computer, tablet, mobile.

.Display products in a slider


In the shopping experience, you can create pages and use blocks.

With this plugin, you can create product blocks with more than 3 products, as the default shopware has a maximum of 3 products.

For example, on a homepage, it seems better to display 4 products next to each other than 3.


Show products in a slider!

It is now possible to display products in a slider. It's more friendly. Instead of 5-10 images below each other on mobile, you can now display 1.5 products for example to let the user know it is a slider.



.Place as many products as you want.

.Select the number of products you want to display on each line. 1 - 6

.Select the number to display on computer, tablet, mobile.

.Remove space between products

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